June, 3 2016

There are only 15 days left…

There’s even less time than we thought.

While the Senate has 19 days left in session before Vermont’s GMO labeling law takes effect, any solution passed by the Senate will also have to be passed by the House before it goes to the President for his signature, and the House is currently scheduled to be out of session the last week in June.

The means the Senate actually has one less week to pass a bill in time to prevent Vermont’s disastrous GMO labeling mandate from taking effect on July 1. There are really only 15 legislative working days left for both the Senate and the House to act before July 1.

With both chambers out on recess this week, it is imperative for both House and Senate Members to come back next week ready to work. We need a national labeling solution that protects American farmers and families from volatile price hikes and the inherently misleading effects of mandatory on-pack labeling.


The clock is ticking… and even faster than we realized. We can’t afford to wait.

We urge Member of Congress to come back to work next week ready to pass a bipartisan, uniform standard and prevent a patchwork of costly state labeling laws.

Learn more about the urgency of passing a uniform standard to block Vermont’s labeling mandate by clicking HERE.

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We are a broad-based coalition representing the entire American agriculture food supply chain – from farm to fork. We are committed to increasing the public’s understanding about the science and safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and advocating for science-based policies that keep food affordable for every American.

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