May, 26 2016

Only 21 Days Left…

A report from POLITICOPro this morning shared recent remarks from Secretary Vilsack that are worth highlighting again:

“And if Congress can’t or won’t make tough decisions, he said, ‘I’m happy to make them. But we just need to make them.”

We just need to make them.

He’s absolutely right. Congress has just 21 days to find a bipartisan labeling solution to block Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate, before it wreaks havoc on our national food supply and creates a costly patchwork of varying state standards.

CFSAF 21 Days Template

Though finding this solution may seem tough, hardworking American families, farmers and food producers are counting on members from both sides of the aisle to make the tough decisions necessary to create the uniform, national standard we need to prevent Vermont’s mandate from becoming the de facto law of the land and dictating food labeling policy for 49 other states.

Secretary Vilsack went on to say that he “stands ready to work with Congress to develop a cohesive national system for giving shoppers the information they want to know about foods they are purchasing, without driving up costs or sending the wrong message about the safety of their food options.”

We desperately need this cohesive, national system — but as we’ve stated before — time is running out.

With just 21 legislative working days left before July 1, time is running out. Congress needs to act to block Vermont’s labeling law and protect safe, affordable food.

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