May, 24 2016

3 must-reads with just 23 days to go…

There are just 23 legislative days left for Congress to find a workable, science-based GMO labeling solution that protects agricultural innovation and stands up for the American farmers and food producers that rely on safe, affordable GMO foods to keep hungry families fed.

In the continued fight for Congressional action, two recent editorials and one op-ed have made compelling cases about the critical importance of trusting our laws to science, rather than hysteria:

The Washington Post editorial board recently lamented the “overblown worries” and “scaremongering” of the anti-GMO movement, while arguing that our laws should support agricultural innovation:

“…giving in to extravagant and unfounded fears, as the Europeans have, would shut down fruitful research that could help feed many people, especially in poorer parts of the world.”

In addition, the Chicago Tribune editorial board also highlighted the reaffirmed consensus on GMO safety, noting the importance of not confusing the process of genetic engineering with the final product, which is nearly identical to a conventional counterpart.

“In the U.S. and Europe, activists have turned “GMO” into a dirty acronym… Without more complete information about a food’s origins or the process through which it was grown, we don’t see how a basic “GMO” label will help consumers make truly informed purchases.”

Finally, this Forbes Opinion piece highlights that the recent NAS GE Crop study is another in a long line of confirmations that biotechnology is nothing to be afraid of:

“…every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world has reviewed the research on GMOs and openly declared crop biotechnology and the foods currently available for sale to be safe.”

The price of inaction is too great – the future of the U.S. food supply and decades of agricultural innovation is at stake. Stand with science by supporting a uniform, national food labeling solution today.

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