July, 5 2016

A major blow

In case you missed it – last week some BIG news came out of Vermont.

WCAX reported that lawmakers in Vermont were celebrating the implementation of the state’s costly, confusing on-package labeling mandate as retailers across the state were informed that manufacturers would stop sending some 3,000 products into Vermont stores.
That’s right. Vermont lawmakers celebrated as choice and affordability took a major blow.

The report went on to note:

“The average Price Chopper sells 35,000 items. Losing 3,000 is 10 percent of their inventory, leaving some experts to worry whether less competition will breed higher prices.

‘You now have less choice for consumers,’ said Robert Letovsky, a professor of business at St. Michael’s College. ‘Less choice means less competition, inevitably prices are going to rise.’”

If you stand with us in our support for the Senate’s bipartisan, uniform GMO labeling agreement that would block Vermont’s misleading mandate and protect safe, affordable foods from the negatives impacts that are already mounting in Vermont, please contact your senators today.

With a vote this week, there is no time to delay. Take action now!

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