May, 4 2016

Congress is back in session next week…

Congress is back in session next week… and will have just 34 working days left to find a uniform, national food labeling solution. There isn’t much time to ensure that a safe, proven tool farmers rely on is protected and food prices are kept low. We can’t stop now!

Mike Gruber of the Grocery Manufacturers Association highlighted the troubled future facing our food supply if Congress fails to act, noting that “the FDA and USDA should be our chief labeling regulators, instead of the Attorney General of Vermont, who is now in charge of food labels and the national authority on food labeling.”

He summed up by saying simply: “We have troubles with that.”

We have troubles with that, too, and so do hard working consumers across the nation who are concerned about keeping safe food abundant and affordable for their families.

In addition, a recent Forbes Opinion piece doubled down on the importance protecting biotechnology, putting into perspective the true costs associated with stigmatization biotech:

“As for the cost of food, it is important to remember that GM crops are part of the solution and not the problem. The cost of food is not just how much you pay at the grocery store. The price of food also includes the cost to the environment and the ability to have access to nutritious meals on a global scale.  Ultimately, GMO crops, through their environmental sustainability, potential for nutritionally-fortified foods, and increased productivity, actually play a key role in keeping the cost of food down, now and in the future.”

Now is more important than ever for Congress, farmers, food producers and consumers to remain steadfast in the fight to protect GMOs, and swiftly act to find a solution before it’s too late.

There are only 34 legislative days left. We can’t afford inaction.

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