June, 9 2016

Down to the wire

We’re down to the wire, with just 12 legislative days left and STILL no bipartisan solution to stop the Vermont GMO labeling mandate that will dramatically impact American farming and food costs.

If Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow fail to find a compromise that preempts Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate this week, it may be too late to stop the Vermont bill from going into effect July 1. And that will start a snowballing state patchwork of stigmatizing labeling standards that will have severe effects on our nation’s food supply.

Farmers, small businesses and agricultural groups from across the nation have repeatedly called on the Senate to find a solution – and fast.

And just yesterday, Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Schwank called on Congress to “level the playing field on GMO labeling.” She highlights a predicament that every state in our nation faces should Vermont’s law go into effect:

“Here in Pennsylvania, agriculture and farming is a $7 billion-plus industry, and it’s growing, but many farmers rely on GMOs to increase crop yields and for inexpensive but nutritious feed for livestock. As a result of Vermont’s law, our industry could be changed forever, and the clock is ticking.”

There’s no time to delay. The future of the American food supply is at stake, and there are just 12 legislative days to save it.

CFSAF 12 Days

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