May, 13 2016

Just 31 Days Left

The clock continues to wind down, as the Senate has only 31 days left in session before Vermont’s state GMO labeling mandate takes effect and mandatory on-pack labeling becomes the de facto law of the land.

If that is allowed to happen, the impacts will extend far beyond Vermont and involve much more than costly and complex supply chain overhauls. The end result could be biotechnology, a safe, proven tool our farmers rely on, being driven from the market place.

CFSAF 31 Days Template[1]

Anti-GMO activists have been open about their intent to use on-pack GMO labels to scare away consumers – just as they did in Europe. Already, some food companies have announced they are moving to non-GMO ingredients after Congress has failed to act to this point. If this wave grows, farmers will lose access to a technology that enables them to grow more food on less land while using fewer pesticides and while limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Senate is running out of time. It needs to stand with science, innovation and American farmers and make sure we don’t turn back the clock on decades of progress.

Learn more about the critical importance of blocking Vermont’s mandate by clicking HERE.

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