June, 8 2016

No time.

There are just 13 working days left before it’s too late to stop Vermont’s labeling law from taking effect July 1.

Unless Congress acts quickly, families, farmers and food producers across the country will pay the price for their inaction.

The need to reach a deal creating a bipartisan GMO labeling solution THIS WEEK could not be more critical.

That’s why the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture yesterday called on Congress to act immediately, saying:

“Congress must come to a solution that provides America’s farmers, ranchers, and food manufacturers with federal preemption for GMO labeling. We must avoid a state-by-state patchwork of GMO labeling requirements that make interstate compliance unattainable…”

In addition, leaders of our own Coalition of over 800 food manufacturing and agricultural organizations from all 50 states demanded that Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow reach a bipartisan compromise this week.

Why? Because there is no time left.


If Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate takes effect on July 1, industry costs will increase and a domino effect of higher food prices and consumer confusion will spread across the country as more and more states create their own labeling requirements.

We must block Vermont’s mandate before it causes irreversible damage to interstate commerce, and stigmatizes safe, affordable biotech foods.

We cannot allow one state of just 600,000 residents to set requirements for 49 other states.

It is up to Congress to take action. If the Senate fails to reach an agreement this week, there will be little time left to find a solution that can be passed through the House ahead of the July 1 deadline.

There is NO TIME to waste.

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