May, 25 2016

The de facto law of the land?

There are only 22 legislative days left before Vermont’s GMO labeling law becomes the de facto law of the land and sets off a domino effect of patchwork labeling standards that will overtake the country should Congress fail to find a uniform food labeling solution.

Just this morning, Agriculture Secretary Vilsack said at the Organic Trade Association’s annual policy summit that consumer confusion is growing due to the lack of a uniform, national labeling standard — noting that there is “no consistency… no predictability… no stability” in the marketplace right now, as companies are forced to begin complying with Vermont’s law ahead of the July 1 implementation date.

CFSAF 22 Days

There is no time to waste. Vermont’s standard will soon overtake the entire national food supply chain, driving up cost and confusion for hardworking American families across the nation.

Consumers deserve consistent food labels no matter where they live or shop, and there are just 22 working days left to find a bipartisan solution. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.



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