June, 7 2016

The patchwork could grow…

We’ve been warning that patchwork labeling laws are inevitable if Congress fails to act to prevent Vermont’s disastrous GMO labeling mandate from taking effect. And we were right. In New York, their own version of a GMO labeling mandate is on the move, passing out of committee just yesterday.

This should serve as a critical reminder that there are only 14 days left for both chambers of Congress to act. Time is running out before Vermont’s law takes effect on July 1, and now we’re seeing other states following suit.

Our food supply system is national in scope – it will be impossible for food companies to comply with a myriad of conflicting state labeling laws with competing requirements. CFSAF co-chairs Pamela Bailey and Chuck Conner made this point clear in a statement released today, which called on Chairman Pat Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow to find a bipartisan compromise immediately, to prevent the spread of a state-by-state patchwork.

CFSAF 14 Days UPDATED Template

The clock is ticking. We need a national, uniform food labeling solution that gives consumers the information they want without the stigmatization of an on-pack “warning” label. There are several proposals in Congress that would balance the benefits of biotechnology with the disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients. Congress must come together and work toward a compromise on the biotech labeling bill – before it’s too late!

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