March, 30 2016

The patchwork is becoming a reality…

Recently, Politico reported that, in light of Vermont’s impending law, New England is “optimistic” about renewed support for a GMO labeling push in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island – as well as a possible ballot measure in Maine.

This shows that the costly, chaotic patchwork of varying GMO labeling mandates is becoming a reality, demonstrating the  urgent need for action by the Senate a uniform, national labeling standard.


Because without a national standard, Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law will likely have a different set of standards, exemptions and loopholes than the legislation and implementing regulations in Connecticut… and Massachusetts… and Rhode Island…. and Maine.

A different set of rules for each state.

That means added costs and added confusion each time a state passes a unique standard that companies are forced to comply with. In fact, it will be virtually impossible for a national food supply chain to comply with different labeling requirements for products in different states.

At best, consumers like you will face a myriad of conflicting labels, and you’ll bear the brunt of the added costs.

It all comes down to this: Consumers should have access to the same product information, no matter where they live or shop. And safe, affordable food must be protected from anti-science laws and misinformed activists.

Patchwork Highlights

If you agree, help us spread the word that you demand a uniform, national labeling standard that protects farmers, small businesses and families from the costly, confusing patchwork of GMO labeling standards that is looming over the American food supply chain.

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