Conservative support is strong for the agricultural biotechnology legislation that the House is expected to consider this week.  Major conservative leaders from American Enterprise Institute Fellow Alex Brill and free market activist Jerry Roger to Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Mick Mulvaney all agree that Congress needs to pass this bill, which will immediately preempt… read more


In case you missed it – last week some BIG news came out of Vermont. WCAX reported that lawmakers in Vermont were celebrating the implementation of the state’s costly, confusing on-package labeling mandate as retailers across the state were informed that manufacturers would stop sending some 3,000 products into Vermont stores. That’s right. Vermont lawmakers… read more


Today marks just 6 legislative days left for Congress to find a bipartisan solution GMO labeling solution to block Vermont’s CFSAF leaders representing every corner of the American food supply value chain called on Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow yesterday to act immediately to find a bipartisan compromise. While we’re encouraged by reports that… read more


9 Days – that’s right, the number of days the Senate has to act to pass a bipartisan food labeling solution that protects our nation’s family farmers, consumers and small business owners has now hit single digits.   We’ve heard progress has been made, but we need to get past the goal line, not close… read more


We’re down to the wire, with just 12 legislative days left and STILL no bipartisan solution to stop the Vermont GMO labeling mandate that will dramatically impact American farming and food costs. If Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow fail to find a compromise that preempts Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate this week, it may be… read more


There are just 13 working days left before it’s too late to stop Vermont’s labeling law from taking effect July 1. Unless Congress acts quickly, families, farmers and food producers across the country will pay the price for their inaction. The need to reach a deal creating a bipartisan GMO labeling solution THIS WEEK could… read more


We’ve been warning that patchwork labeling laws are inevitable if Congress fails to act to prevent Vermont’s disastrous GMO labeling mandate from taking effect. And we were right. In New York, their own version of a GMO labeling mandate is on the move, passing out of committee just yesterday. This should serve as a critical… read more


There’s even less time than we thought. While the Senate has 19 days left in session before Vermont’s GMO labeling law takes effect, any solution passed by the Senate will also have to be passed by the House before it goes to the President for his signature, and the House is currently scheduled to be… read more


July 1 is just around the corner. Unfortunately, that means that Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate is only a few weeks away from taking effect and effectively setting labeling policy for the entire nation. Other states are also poised to pass their own laws that will create a patchwork of different requirements. There isn’t much time… read more


A report from POLITICOPro this morning shared recent remarks from Secretary Vilsack that are worth highlighting again: “And if Congress can’t or won’t make tough decisions, he said, ‘I’m happy to make them. But we just need to make them.” We just need to make them. He’s absolutely right. Congress has just 21 days to… read more

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