Minnesota Farmers Need Minnesota’s Senators To Act Karolyn Zurn Grand Forks Herald Unless the U.S. Senate takes immediate action, Minnesota farmers stand to be seriously hurt within two months by a Vermont law requiring special labels for products made with genetically modified ingredients. Minnesota’s agriculture not only helps feed the world but also is highly… read more


Editorial: Base Labeling On Science, Not Superstition Editorial Board The Detroit News The left can be quite smug about its allegiance to science. And quite selective, too. That’s particularly true of the environmental movement’s relentless and often hysterical attacks on genetically modified food. The nation’s food industry is locked in a battle with Vermont over… read more


Vermont’s GMO Labels: A Boon To Big Business Julie Kelly & Amy Porterfield Levy Huffington Post Big Food companies are folding like a Wal-Mart suit on GMO labeling. After spending gazillions of dollars to stop GMO labeling laws, major brands like General Mills and Kellogg’s have made splashy announcements that they will now print “made… read more


A Hungry World Should Look To GMOs Charlie Stenholm The Hill The world’s population is growing and will reach 9 billion by 2050. The rate of productive land loss globally is estimated at 1 hectare (2.471 acres) every 6.74 seconds. Arable land (i.e., land that is suitable for growing crops) remains constant at 3 percent… read more


‘Contains GMOs’ Is A Label Industry Can Be Proud Of Joe Guenthner The Packer Monkey wrench. Imagine a law that would require dealers to label their cars with bumper stickers indicating the tools used to make the cars. Further imagine that a mechanic used an adjustable wrench, also known as a monkey wrench, to tighten… read more


Hawaii Is Ground Zero For Ag Innovation Lorie Farrell The Hill In sharp contrast to the opinion piece, “Paradise is being poisoned” (Jan. 5, 2016), I can personally attest to the care that Hawaii’s farmers have for our land.  As a resident of Hawaii, a concerned mom and an advocate of both environmental protection and… read more


To Feed And Sustain The World, We Need Common Ground Dr. Robert T. Farley The Huffington Post The basic facts concerning the world’s growing population and the food supply are so daunting that they demand wider appreciation: We have 7.2 billion people living on our planet today. By 2050, that number will grow to 9.5… read more


Re “Tell Consumers What They Are Eating” (editorial, Dec. 1) The New York Times Pam Bailey December 12, 2015 To the Editor: Just two years ago, you editorialized about genetically engineered products that “there seems little reason to make labeling compulsory.” Since then, the Food and Drug Administration has consistently backed up that conclusion, rejecting… read more


Clickbait Obscures Scientific Truths Alex Koh The Daily Northwestern (Evanston, IL) During the ongoing presidential race, candidates have frequently made dubious scientific claims to support their platforms. Donald Trump recently cited that it was “really cold outside” as evidence against global warming, demonstrating a total lack of understanding about how both seasons and statistical trends… read more


Comments Mislead About GMO Safety Daniel Goldstein AG Week As a physician who has studied these issues in depth, I base my statements about GMO safety on science. I respect an individual’s right to their opinion, but it is frustrating to see those opinions when they are supported by so much misinformation (GMO crops not… read more

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