November, 12 2015

European Food Safety Authority Findings Latest Loss for Mandatory GMO Labeling Movement

Contact: Claire Parker
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November 12, 2015

European Food Safety Authority Findings Latest Loss for Mandatory GMO Labeling Movement

 (Washington, D.C.) – The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) declared today that glyphosate, a herbicide used widely around the world, is unlikely to be carcinogenic, the latest setback for the campaign to mandate labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Labeling activists have already lost in their efforts to undermine the safety of GM technology itself and today’s EFSA ruling on the safety of glyphosate is yet another blow to their campaign of scare tactics designed to demonize this safe and proven technology,” said Claire Parker, spokesperson for the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food.

Over the last several months in emails to supporters, petition drives, appearances on the Dr. Oz show and in testimony during Congressional hearings, activists have repeatedly argued that questions regarding glyphosate safety warrant GMO labeling.

“Efforts to link glyphosate and GMO labeling have always been disingenuous since this substance is used on both non-GMO and GMO crops, and mandatory GMO labeling would do nothing to inform consumers about whether glyphosate was used on the product,” Parker said. “Today’s EFSA finding undercuts those attacks on glyphosate.”


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