November, 5 2015

(AG Week) Comments Mislead About GMO Safety

Comments Mislead About GMO Safety
Daniel Goldstein
AG Week

As a physician who has studied these issues in depth, I base my statements about GMO safety on science.

I respect an individual’s right to their opinion, but it is frustrating to see those opinions when they are supported by so much misinformation (GMO crops not safe to eat, Agweek, Oct. 20). Misleading information only leads to confusion about food safety, including GMO safety, where the record to date is clear.

In the 20 years GM crops have been grown, there is no evidence that GM crops or ingredients from GM crops have caused any illness. Thousands of studies have established GM crop safety.

The rat study mentioned found nothing. Tumors occurred in all groups at the expected rate for the tumor-prone type of rat used. The study uses an acceptable rat strain, but was deeply flawed and was retracted by the science journal that published it. Rolling out this discredited study unnecessarily and unfairly raises questions about the food farmers grow for us every day.

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