April, 23 2015

CFSAF: Dr. Oz Responds To Allegations Of Misinformation With More Misinformation

Contact: Claire Parker
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Date: April 23, 2015

Dr. Oz Responds To Allegations Of Misinformation With More Misinformation

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, in response to a letter by a group of scientists claiming that Dr. Mehmet Oz routinely endorses unsubstantiated medical products and gives voice to unscientific Internet rumors, Oz attempted to distance himself from these allegations by resorting to misdirection and obfuscation. Thursday’s show did little to dispel the notion that Oz is a “snake oil salesman” or a “quack.” Instead of explaining why he has endorsed miracle weight-loss pills in the past, he argued he hasn’t done so in the last year. Further, it appears Oz remains steadfastly committed to misleading his viewers with inaccurate and unscientific information and advice. In particular, Oz’s discussion of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act was especially baseless.

“Dr. Oz’s discussion of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act was a groundless and ill-sourced examination of a piece of legislation that has broad, bipartisan support,” said Claire Parker, spokesperson for the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food. “This is a bill that will increase transparency and creates a science-based, uniform food labeling standard that benefits all Americans. The bill even creates a national GMO-free certification program that will provide clarity to those seeking GMO-free options. Dr. Oz seems to believe food labeling should contain the same type of deceptive and unscientific information he likes to impart on his show. It is remarkably irresponsible for a man with as large a platform as Dr. Oz’s to use pseudo-science in an effort to spread misinformation and concern among his viewers, but at this point it is anything but surprising. After all, Oz has been admonished by Members of Congress for endorsing products and companies that have been fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There is perhaps no one with less credibility on this issue than Dr. Oz.”

“The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act is the most transparent, consumer friendly labeling standard proposed in some time,” Parker continued. “Instead of having an unbiased, informative discussion of the legislation, Oz only gave voice to opponents of the bill. He also listed a handful of groups opposed to the bill while neglecting to name even one of the dozens of organizations and community leaders backing the measure. It’s clear now more than ever why many are questioning the validity of the content of Dr. Oz’s show.”

It is unfortunate that Oz has such little regard for his viewers that he refuses to present a truthful, informed examination of facts. With today’s attempt to blatantly deflect and excuse away a growing record of distortion and inaccuracy, it can be expected that questions around Oz will only grow.


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