July, 9 2014

Congressional Hearing on Societal Benefits of Biotechnology Important Tool to Increase Consumer Confidence, Education about GMOs

(Washington, D.C.)—The following statement was released by Claire Parker, spokeswoman for the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, regarding today’s congressional hearing on the societal benefits of biotechnology:

“The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food applauds the leadership of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee for convening today’s hearing on the societal benefits of biotechnology. The hearing offers members of Congress and the American public an important opportunity to hear from representatives of the scientific community and other stakeholders about the vital role of biotechnology in our society.

“Since its development over thirty years ago, biotechnology has emerged as a critical tool in driving major health breakthroughs, lowering the price of food, promoting sustainable agriculture and empowering small farmers. The benefits for the American people have been clear and far-reaching, ranging from lower grocery costs in the supermarket checkout aisle, and research advances that could help people suffering from food allergens and digestive diseases, to lower input costs for small farmers.

“We hope that today’s hearing will lead to a clearer understanding of the contributions of biotechnology and underscore the need for Congress to pass the bipartisan Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, a common sense federal approach to food labeling that will promote consumer confidence in the safety of our food supply while affirming and protecting the critical promise of biotechnology.”

About the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food

We are a broad-based coalition representing the entire American agriculture food supply chain – from farm to fork. We are committed to increasing the public’s understanding about the science and safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and advocating for science-based policies that keep food affordable for every American.

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