February, 11 2016

ICYMI: GMA Issues Response to Senators Showcasing The Benefits of SmartLabel™

The Grocery Manufacturers Association sent a letter yesterday to six U.S. Senators laying out the many consumer-friendly benefits of the SmartLabel™ initiative – a program that will provide consumers with more information about the products they buy than ever before.

GMA’s letter answered questions regarding SmartLabel™ submitted to the organization by Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Patrick Leahy (D-VT.), Bernie Sanders (I-VT.), Jon Tester (D-Mt.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) in a letter on January 21.

Among the highlights of GMA’s letter is the fact that consumers will soon have access to information on more than 350 separate attributes – far more than is possible with standard on-package labeling. SmartLabel™ doesn’t replace the package label; it complements it. By scanning the package’s QR code, calling a 1-800 number, visiting a store’s customer service counter, or searching www.smartlabel.org, customers will have instantaneous access to a list of information ranging from allergens and environmental factors to sustainability, all while protecting consumer privacy. Soon, any consumer with access to a phone or the internet – over 300 million Americans – will have access to more product information than ever before.

SmartLabel - A Simple Solution
News Coverage of GMA’s SmartLabel™ Letter

POLITICO PRO: “The Grocery Manufacturers Association sent a letter to a group of senators today touting its SmartLabel program as a solution to a myriad of customer concerns and laying out plans to make product ingredients and other information available through several platforms.” (Jenny Hopkinson, “GMA Details App, Privacy Protections For SmartLabel,” POLITICO Pro, 2/10/2016)

The Hill: “GMA said SmartLabel allows consumers to gain information by scanning a barcode, going online to www.smartlabel.org or calling the 1-800 number printed on most packages. ‘The fact is that SmartLabel information will be available to anyone with an internet connection or a phone,’ the group said in its letter. ‘In the United States today, more than 300 million people have access to and use the internet.” (Lydia Wheeler, “GMA Responds To Dem Concerns Over New GMO Labeling System,” The Hill, 2/10/16)

Agri-Pulse: “The Grocery Manufacturers Association sent a letter to six senators Wednesday pledging that the industry’s new SmartLabel system would protect the privacy of consumers while still providing them quick access to a wide range of product information, including the presence of GMOs as well as the presence of allergens. “We are committed to transparency and meeting strong consumer interests for more information on food ingredients, such as nutrition, environmental, religious and sustainability factors. SmartLabel was built to do just that,’ the GMA letter says. The SmartLabel information also will be available on the internet, and most retailers will be prepared to help shoppers get access to the information in stores, the group said.” (Philip Brasher, “Industry Assures Senate Democrats On Smartphone GMO Labeling,” Agri-Pulse, 2/10/16)

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