March, 25 2014

Norman Borlaug’s Legacy One We Must Honor With Continued Innovation

On 100th anniversary of Borlaug’s birth, biotechnology pioneer is being honored with statue in US Capitol

Washington, DC—The Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food released the following statement today in honor of what would be Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday. Regarded as the father of the “Green Revolution,” Borlaug revolutionized biotechnology and is widely credited for saving more than one billion lives.

“Norman Borlaug’s lasting legacy is the belief that we should use every tool in our toolkit to ensure all people have access to safe and affordable food,” said Claire Parker, spokeswoman for the Coalition. “Borlaug’s innovations in biotechnology have allowed us to safely produce more food than ever before, in large part through the use and implementation of GM technology. The best way for all of us to honor his achievements are to continue innovating, ensuring that we are using science and technology to reduce the threat of hunger—both here at home and throughout the world.”

Borlaug is one of only seven people ever to receive the Nobel Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. He is being honored today with the unveiling of a statue in the US Capitol, an honor reserved for only 100 Americans.

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