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GMO Labeling Laws Promote Fear And Misinformation Editorial Board The Boston Globe A BILL that would require labeling of food that has genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs, cleared a legislative committee on Beacon Hill early this month, moving it one step closer to passage. That’s good news for food purists, but it’s an impractical and… read more


More Reasons To Favor Biotechnology Thomas Gelsthorpe Cape Cod Times Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have received bad press in recent years based on fears not justified by demonstrable risks. In fact, genetic changes — later described as “evolution” — have occurred throughout the two billion years of life on Earth. Human beings modified organisms intentionally… read more


Fear of GMOs Is Unwarranted The Huntington News Gwen Schanker The debate over the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is central to today’s scientific discourse. While scientists continuously investigate how genetic modification can be used to improve nutritional content, pest resistance and disease resistance of crops, anti-GMO activists are fighting back. Those against GMOs… read more


Consumer, Business Groups Face Off On Genetically Modified Organisms Labeling Bill Shira Schoenberg The Republican Consumer groups are facing off against business groups in a fight over a bill that would require Massachusetts food manufacturers to label  products that have genetically modified organisms. “Everyone deserves a right to know what they’re feeding their families and… read more


Pending Food Label Law Would Provide Federal Solution To A Federal Issue By Rick Grant Boston Globe US representatives Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Chellie Pingree, Democrat of Maine, claim that polls show overwhelming support for labeling foods that contain some ingredients derived from seeds that have been genetically engineered (“Make GMO label a… read more


Science, Not Fear, Should Guide Food Labeling Laws By Editorial Board Boston Globe Congress created mandatory nationwide food labels, and it is Congress that has a responsibility to ensure they don’t stray from their original purpose of providing valid health and safety information to consumers. With that goal in mind, the Senate should approve controversial… read more


Two Sides Of The GMO Debate By Robin Young & Jeremy Hobson Here & Now (Boston Public Radio) Now that the House has passed a bill that would make it illegal for states to force food manufacturers to label foods made with genetically modified crops – also called GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – the Senate… read more


Astrue: Pols Push Unsound Science On Food By Michael Astrue Boston Herald Many of my friends praise Whole Foods Market but add, “Their prices are high.” Many market factors drive those prices. For instance, selling diverse and extremely fresh produce, particularly seafood, is expensive. The prices at Whole Foods also tend to be more expensive… read more



Friends, Together, we achieved a major victory for American consumers, farmers and the food producing community when President Obama signed uniform, national food labeling legislation into law on July 29. It was a historic, bipartisan achievement that would not have been successful without you. As you know, our work is not done. While the overall… read more


The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (CFSAF) commended President Barack Obama today for signing into law historic legislation that will protect family farmers and small businesses from the severe impacts of disparaging state labeling laws and provide consumers with a nationwide transparent food disclosure system for genetically engineered ingredients. The bill, which includes federal preemption… read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Claire Parker 202.677.7699 [email protected] July 14, 2016 CFSAF Celebrates Final Passage of National Uniform  Food Labeling Legislation (Washington, D.C.) –  The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (CFSAF) today applauded members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted 306 to 117 to pass legislation that preempts Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate, protects American… read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Claire Parker 202.677.7699 [email protected]  July 11, 2016 Today, more than 1,100 agriculture, food and business organizations and companies representing the entire U.S. food supply chain from farm to fork sent a letter to House leadership calling on them to pass this week the agricultural biotechnology solution that was approved 63-30 by… read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Claire Parker 202.677.7699 [email protected] July 7, 2016 CFSAF Commends Senate Passage of Uniform, National Disclosure Bill (Washington, D.C.) – The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food today praised the U.S. Senate’s passage by a 63-30 vote of common-sense bipartisan legislation developed by Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Senator Debbie Stabenow… read more


107 Nobel Laureates Sign Letter Blasting Greenpeace Over GMOs By: Joel Achenbach June 29, 2016 The Washington Post More than 100 Nobel laureates have signed a letter urging Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The letter asks Greenpeace to cease its efforts to block introduction of a genetically engineered strain of… read more


Conservative support is strong for the agricultural biotechnology legislation that the House is expected to consider this week.  Major conservative leaders from American Enterprise Institute Fellow Alex Brill and free market activist Jerry Roger to Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Mick Mulvaney all agree that Congress needs to pass this bill, which will immediately preempt… read more

About the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food

We are a broad-based coalition representing the entire American agriculture food supply chain – from farm to fork. We are committed to increasing the public’s understanding about the science and safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and advocating for science-based policies that keep food affordable for every American.

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