The Problem

Anti-GMO activists are pushing a variety of state labeling mandates that vary from state to state, which would result in severe consequences for America’s farmers, small businesses, and consumers. These laws would create a complex maze of unnecessary regulations that would burden farmers and small businesses, provide customers with inaccurate information, raise food costs and create a stigma around GMOs.

  • Proposals to mandate GMO labeling at the state level are filled with loopholes and exemptions. Under Vermont’s GMO labeling law, vegetable soup would be labeled “genetically engineered” while vegetable beef soup would be exempt because it contains meat, which isn’t covered under the law.
  • As states develop and implement mandatory labeling laws, companies will be forced to create multiple supply chains, warehousing and delivery mechanisms to comply. Because of this, grocery costs for families could increase by as much as $1,050 per year, for a total cost to consumers of $81.9 billion!

Cost Impact of Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law on Consumers Nationwide

Study via the Corn Refiners Association

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How Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law Will Increase Cost & Complexity

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